St. David Parish School of Religion

Calendar 2016 – 2017


August, 2016

Wednesday, August 24         Opening Mass and Meeting for All Families          6:30 pm Church

                                                   Families will attend Mass and then meet in the Parish Center       

Wednesday, August 31                  Class Night                                                         6:30 – 7:45 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                       



Wednesday, September 7              Class Night                                                         6:30 – 7:45 pm                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Wednesday, September 14            Class Night                                                                                      

Wednesday, September 21_         Class Night/ Reconciliation Meeting for 2nd grade Parents        

Sunday, September 25                  Mass hosted by grades 8 and 3                               10:30 Mass 

Wednesday, September 28          Class Night                                                                                        




Wednesday, October 5                  Class Night and Enrollment Ceremony for 8th graders                                                                     

Wednesday, October 12                Class Night and Safe Touch 6-8                                                  

Sunday, October 16                        Mass hosted by grades 7 and 2                             10:30 Mass          

Wednesday, October 19                 Class Night and Safe Touch  K-5                                                                                                                                                                                        

Wednesday, October 26                 Class Night and Eucharistic Adoration                                                                                                                                                                                                                      





Wednesday, November 2               Class Night and Meeting for 4th grade Parents and Parents in 5th, 6th, and 7th who have not attended “God’s Own Making” Meeting                       

Wednesday, November 9               Class Night                                             report cards sent home                                                                        

Wednesday, November 16             Class Night/Advent Wreaths                                                        

Saturday, November 19                  First Reconciliation                                             10 am Church 

Sunday, November 20                    Mass hosted by grades 6 and 1                             10:30 Mass           

Wednesday, November 23             Thanksgiving break                                                                     no PSR                    

Wednesday, November 30             Class Night and Reconciliation for grades 3-8____________                                                                                  





Wednesday, December  7              Vigil Mass for the Holy Day of the Immaculate Conception__                            

Wednesday, December 14             Class Night _____________________                           _____                                                                

Wednesday, December  21            Advent Novena and/Christmas Family potluck                                 

Wednesday, December 28             Christmas Break                                                               no PSR                 




January, 2017

Wednesday, January 4                   New Year’s Break                                                            no PSR                                                                        

Wednesday, January 11                Class Night                                                                                                                                       

Wednesday, January 18                Class Night and Eucharistic Adoration                                                                                        Wednesday, January 25                Class Night_________________________                                                                               











Wednesday, February 1                 Class Night/      First Eucharist Meeting for 2nd grade Parents                                       

Wednesday, February 8                 Class Night and Light Service for 8th grade______________

Wednesday, February 15               Class Night               ________________________________                           

Sunday, February 19                      Mass hosted by grades 8 and K                             10:30 Mass   

Wednesday, February 22               Class Night/         Meeting  for Parents of 6th and 7th graders

      report cards sent home



Saturday and Sunday, March 4 and 5                       Mandatory Luke 18 Retreat for 8th graders


March, 2017

Wednesday, March 1                      Class/Ash Wednesday Mass                   Families sit together 

Wednesday, March 8                      Class Night ____________                       ________________

Wednesday, March 15                    Class Night ________________________                               

Sunday, March 19                           Mass hosted by grades 5 and 4                              10:30 Mass    

Wednesday, March 22                    Class Night and Reconciliation for grades 2-7____________

Wednesday, March 29                    Class Night                                                                                      



April 9, 2017 (Passion / Palm Sunday) through April 16, 2017 (Easter Sunday)

These are the days of Holy Week - the most important days of our Catholic Church year.  Please make every effort to attend the special Church celebrations on Holy Thursday {“Mass of the Lord’s Last Supper”}; Good Friday {Passion of Our Lord with Communion Service}; and Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil {Service of Light/ Liturgy of the Word/ Baptism) Profession of Faith/ Eucharist}; in addition to the Sunday Masses



Good Friday {“Passion of Our Lord with Communion Service”}  and Holy Saturday {Easter Vigil: Service of Light / Liturgy of the Word / Baptisms / the Eucharist}.in addition to Sunday Mass.














Wednesday, April 5                         Class Night and Stations of the Cross_________________ 

Wednesday, April 12              Wednesday of Holy Week (see note above)             no PSR Class Wednesday, April 19                       Class Night                                                                                      

Wednesday, April 26                 Class Night/Eucharist Dress Rehearsal/Pictures for 2nd Graders

Sunday, April 30                              First Eucharist                                                     10:30 am Mass  




Wednesday, May 3                          Class Night                                                                           _____

Wednesday, May 10                        Class Night/May Crowning                             report cards sent home

Wednesday, May 17                        Possible inclement weather make-up day___________        

Sunday, May 21                               Confirmation at the Cathedral-Basilica            2:30 pm Mass